The primary concern when taking up an assignment overseas can often be the children’s education.

Our School Visit and Enrolment Programme ensure that the assignee understands the schooling options available here,  their curriculum, school fees, school locations, realistic admission dates and the waiting lists, if any, to help the assignee identify the right school for the children.  Our consultant will arrange familiarization tour of the schools so that the assignee and his family can visit them and make an informed decision on the school they want their children to be in. Our consultant will assist in obtaining the necessary admission papers and in the submission of documents.

We will assist with finding playgroups, pre-schools and kindergartens for the younger ones and schools for special needs.

All this gives your relocating employee peace of mind and with their children’s education taken care of; your employee can now focus on their new assignment.

Our services cover:

  • Initiate contact with the assignee to establish schooling needs.
  • Assignee’s schooling requirements taken
  • Discussion with assignee regarding possible schools that meet his criteria.
  • Schools are contacted on behalf of the assignee.
  • Brochures and links forwarded to assignee.
  • Realistic admission dates and fee structures are obtained.
  • Shortlist of relevant schooling options are forwarded to assignee.
  • Appointments are made with schools of assignee’s preference.
  • Conduct school visits with assignee.
  • Relevant application forms and paperwork forwarded to assignee for completion
  • Completed applications are forwarded to school ensuring all required personal paper works have been included.
  • Follow up with school.
  • Deposit forwarded to school on behalf of assignee.