Whether your assignee is being re-located or are returning home, we recognise that the process of returning the property back to the landlord can be every bit as stressful for the assignee and family as when they first arrived in Singapore.

Our Check-out Service is designed to guide the assignee through the process of handing back their rental property to the landlord in a timely fashion. Our specialists will ensure that the assignee is fully aware of his obligations under the terms of the lease to minimise any deductions from the security deposit or unnecessary reinstatement charges.  We will provide assistance and guidance on completing tasks such as forwarding or cancelling mails, closing bank accounts and utilities accounts and reinstating the rental property prior to handing it back to the landlord.

Key elements of the Check-out Service include:

  • Initiating Letter of Termination
  • Pre-departure inspection
  • Assistance in reinstatement works
  • Termination of essential services e.g. utilities, telephone etc.
  • Provide a guide to check-out procedure
  • Organize hand back of property
  • Assistance in retrieval of Security Deposit