Eastgate Corporate Services Pte Ltd provides a personalised professional experience for the relocating assignee, his family as well as his company. We accomplish this by providing our clients with a range of services that will ease the process of settling down in their host country.

At Eastgate, we are passionate about people.  We understand the needs of our clients and the stress of relocating to a new environment and culture.  With our years of experience in this field, we have developed creative solutions to handle all situations for our clients.

Our team of dedicated relocation consultants ensure that your assignee receives practical assistance and support every step of the way, leaving him or her free to focus on your business.  By taking care of the details, we ensure that your business is uninterrupted, thus relieving the stress from the HR Department and leaving them to concentrate on what matters most.

As a Destination Service Provider, we provide unparalleled service experience to our clients through a single point of contact 24/7.

At Eastgate, we strive to be the BEST, not the biggest!